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  • The Evolution of Electronic Musical Instruments in the United States 1972

    • PhD Dissertation, by Dr. Thomas L. Rhea

    • Awarded by George Peabody College for Teachers, now part of Vanderbilt University​

  • The Art of Electronic Music - GPI Publications 1984

  • Compiled by Tom Darter, Edited by Greg Armbruster - originally published in Keyboard magazine

  • The History of Electronic Musical Instruments excerpted from Tom Rhea EP columns 1977-1981  ​
    • Thomas L. Rhea, Electronic Perspectives columns - copyright 1977-1981
  • Introduction to Music Technology - Berklee College of Music - Boston, MA - 1996

    • A comprehensive general (dated) exposition of music technology for a required BCM course

      • by Dr. Tom Rhea

Classroom Handouts
       Copyright Thomas L. Rhea 1999-2000

  • ADSR (Envelope and Gate Signals)

  • AFAM (Audio Frequency Amplitude Modulation)

  • CC (Control Configurations)

  • CV (Channel Vocoder)

  • Spoken description of a Channel Vocoder  2'19" - By Tom Rhea​​

    • Listen while viewing Channel Vocoder PDF immediately above

  • CF (Cutoff Filters)

  • LFM (Linear Frequency Modulation)

  • N (Noise)

  • OS (Oscillator Synchronization)

  • PP (Progressive Patches)

  • SWS (Signal Waveform/Spectrum)

  • SADC (Source-Attenuation-Destination Configurations)

  • VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier)

  • Functions: Exponential and Logarithmic Graphics

  • Electronics in the Soundtrack Topical Outline

Courseware For Music Technologists
       Tom's Selected College Course Topical Outlines

  • Survey of Electroacoustic Music Topical Outline 

  • Commentary on Value of Anonymous Student Evaluations

  • Musical Devices for Tonal Composition Topical Outline

Thoughtware For Music Technologists
       Tom's Long-Form Learners' Aids

  • ACT (Signal Functions: Audio-Control-TIming)

  • Modular Sound Synthesis: A Learner's Glossary

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