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Dr. Thomas L. Rhea

I'm known primarily for my work pioneering the introduction of analog voltage controlled synthesizers internationally as a Moog synthesizer clinician, documentation writer, functional design consultant, artist relations specialist, and marketing executive.  Some of my activities over the years on the history and culture of electronic musical instruments are shown here. A somewhat more complete résumé is found here. My early

very brief professional picture biography is here. Some of the words of wisdom I try to live up to are shown here. Several academic kudos are shown here. A recommended "credo" for all managers and administrators is shown here.This site best viewed in Desktop mode.


Publications include articles and reviews in Computer Music Journal and many synthesizer owner's manuals for Moog, Steiner, and Crumar, such as the original Minimoog Model D Operation Manual (1974), and the Steiner EVI (Electronic Valve Instrument) and Master's Touch manuals.


PhD dissertation topic The Evolution of Electronic Musical Instruments in the United States (1972) is cited in The New Harvard Dictionary of Music and in multiple entries in The New Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments and The Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments, second edition.


Conceived and oversaw development of and composed, performed, and produced the first original music for OxyLights, the world's largest permanent music and light installation (Niagara Falls, NY) as recognized in The Guinness Book of World Records. 


Coached both pop and avant-garde luminaries on the techniques of electronic music, and taught students at the world's leading contemporary music school for 30 years. Retired in 2017 in order to produce publications such as Electronic Perspectives: Vintage Electronic Musical Instruments (2023).

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