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On the left I’m holding the original program for the ondes Musicales ensemble that appeared at the Paris Expo in 1937. This program was originally “flocked” with velour on the outside, with gilding on the inside covers. On the right is the original program that introduced the ondes Musicales in1928. These two multi-page “unobtanium” documents would make a beautiful publication, particularly if it includes a translation into English for each. Working title: Maurice and Ginnette Martenot and the ondes Martenot: 1928-1937. This site best viewed in Desktop mode.

I’m standing in front of two images from the 1939-1940 New York City World’s Fair, for which I’ve collected literally hundreds of photographs and recordings. There were a number of electronic musical instruments featured at that Fair, including Ferde Grofé’s “New World Ensemble” featuring Hammond Novachords, which performed regularly in a kiosk on the side of the Ford Pavilion. Also appearing on the Midway was Tom Adrian Cracraft’s “All-Electronic Orchestra” featuring Benjamin Franklin Miessner’s instruments. Working title: Electronic Musical Instruments at the 1939-1940 New York City World’s Fair.

I’ve already raided our retirement account to produce Electronic Perspectives: Vintage Electronic Musical Instruments, and I can't go there again. Your support would propel production of the two new documents described above! To donate via PayPal (you don't need your own PayPal account to do this), click the button below (IMPORTANT: CHOOSE "FAMILY AND FRIENDS" OPTION):

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