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  • "The Art of the Theremin" Episode - Camera Three 28'27" - May 28, 1978

    • Produced and Directed by Roger Englander - Aired on WCBS in New York City

      • In Cooperation with the New York State Education Department

        • A Production of Robert and Shirleigh Moog

    • University of Maryland - Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library - Digital Collections

      With thanks to: John R. Davis, Curator - Special Collections in Performing Arts

      • Clara Rockmore, Theremin - Nadia Reisenberg, Piano
        • Robert Sherman, Host - Bob Moog and Thomas Rhea, Invited Guests

          • Ralf Bode, Videographer - Video restoration by Matt Traum

  • Electronic and Computer Music - SCISTAR Interactive Educational Television Network series:

    • On The Shoulders of Giants 57'12" - Talcott Mountain Center for School Involvement - 03/13/1989

      • Video: Principals L-R - Dr. Donald P. La Salle, Host - Dr. Robert A. Moog - Dr. Thomas L. Rhea

        • Painstaking video/audio reconstruction by Matt Traum

  • A History of Early Electronic Musical Instruments 86'46" - WPI - Worcester MA 21 March 1995

  • Public lecture sponsored by the Music Department of Worcester Polytechnic Institute

  • Illustrated with slides and audio examples (The only known video of this lecture I gave many times!)

    • Guest Speaker Dr. Tom Rhea - Dr. Frederick W. Bianchi, Director of Music Technology Research

      • Yeoman Video & Audio restoration by Matt Traum​

  • Georg and Hanne Steinmeyer Video Interview 30'40" - September 29, 2002

  • Georg Steinmeyer - A Principal Founder of the Estey Organ Museum in Brattleboro, Vermont

  • Topics for discussion include the electronic organ(s) developed by Harald Bode for the Estey Company

    • By Dr. Tom Rhea - Peer Bode, Videography

  • A Life for Sound: The Inventor Harald Bode and Electronic Music  53'40" - October 17, 2009

    • Radio Documentary by Caspar Abocab - Documentary in German - German Script

    • English voices: Harald Bode, Ralf Bode, Peer Bode, Dr. Thomas Rhea - Voiceovers of English Voices in German by: Johannes Steck, Thomas Loibl, Rahel Comtesse, Burchard Dabinnus, Andreas Neumann, Walter von Hauff - Voices in German: Irmgard Bode, Georg and Hanne Steinmeyer, Werner Meyer-Eppler, Robert Beyer, Günter Bialas, Harald Bode, Ralf Bode and others. - (Audio file below starts with moment of silence.)

  • Rendezblue Time Cycle Art Festival 2009

    • Burchfield Penney Art Center at BuffalState College - New York

      • Harald Bode's Vocoder and Its Musical Legacy 55'27" -  February 7, 2009
        • By Thomas L. Rhea, PhD - Peer Bode, Videography - Don Metz, Coordinator/Host
          • Audio restoration & video enhancement by Matt Traum, Patchman Music​

Video Interviews of Tom Rhea

Interviews by Immanuel Brockhaus - August 2016

Moog Synthesizer Manuals
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